Wheelbarrow for Home Yard Care

Choosing a Wheelbarrow for Home Yard Care

When you do a lot of yard work and landscaping around your home, a wheelbarrow can quickly become one of the most used and most useful tools in your inventory. However, figuring out how to find the right wheelbarrow for your garden and yard care can be a challenging task. That is, unless you follow these simple steps to help you understand your needs and discover what features you want in the ultimate wheelbarrow for home yard work.


Evaluate Your Terrain

First things first, you have to take a good hard look at your garden and yard area so you can understand exactly what kind of terrain you’re working with. Make note of any rough patches with uneven ground or areas that would be hard to navigate. For example, noting large trees or narrow passages between a shed and a fence is going to help you determine what kind of wheel configuration you need.

If you have a lot of flat ground and don’t need to make many turns, then a standard wheelbarrow or yard cart wheelbarrow would be best. However, if the terrain is rocky and you think you might have a hard time moving a traditional wheelbarrow around, you might need a two or three-wheel model.

Calculate Load Capacity

The load capacity is also one of the most important aspects of a wheelbarrow that you will need to consider, since it’s going to determine how much weight you can carry in it. If you know that you’re only going to be moving light items, such as yard trimmings or a few potted plants here and there, then a lower load capacity will do just fine.

On the other hand, if you plan on moving particularly heavy objects, like when you are clearing out rocks and tree stumps or hauling mulch and bags of gravel around the area, then you definitely need to have a higher load capacity. Make sure that the maximum rating is a bit above what you think you’re going to be moving on average so that you have enough room for error in case you end up moving something heavier than expected.

Consider Dumping Needs

Even though wheelbarrows allow you to move heavy objects around your yard with ease, the moving is only part of the equation because you also need to get the items into and out of the bed. If you’re moving dirt, wood chips, or other loose items, you can simply shovel it in most of the time, as long as you make sure you have a wide enough area to work with. But when it comes time to remove the contents of the bed, you have to think about how you plan to actually get it done.

Traditional wheelbarrows require you to lift up on the handles and dump forward, resting all the weight on the front wheels. Two and three-wheel wheelbarrows work in a similar fashion, with the weight and motion all hinging on the front end, all of which can be difficult if you have any strength issues or know that your yard is very uneven. In some cases it may be better to look for a yard cart wheelbarrow, as many offer more advanced mechanisms for dumping that require less effort overall and remove the need to manage the position of the cart while you’re dumping out the contents.


Think About User Limitations

The dumping action isn’t the only area where strength can compromise your ability to use a wheelbarrow for home yard work. For some people, simply lifting the handles enough to push the wheelbarrow around can be difficult, not to mention all the strength and mobility required to guide it. If you or another person who is going to be using the wheelbarrow has any kind of physical limitations, you may want to look into a garden cart wheelbarrow or a three-wheel wheelbarrow, as these allow you to push and pull the entire unit with less effort.

When It’s Time to Choose…

When the time comes for you to choose the best wheelbarrow for use in your home, make sure you keep all of the above points in mind and don’t get swayed by any single factor. A heavy duty cart with a 1,000 pound load capacity or a vintage model with a beautiful finish can make you forget about your list of needs, so just keep everything you really need in mind and you’ll end up with a great wheelbarrow.

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