Children’s Wheelbarrow

What You Want to See in a Great Children’s Wheelbarrow

Choosing a great toy for children can be one of the hardest tasks imaginable, especially when you’re looking at toys that resemble real equipment and tools like a wheelbarrow. Whether you want a fun toy for your child that resembles something you yourself use, or simply want to expand the way they play by introducing more functional toys, there are a few important things you need to know when shopping for a great children’s wheelbarrow. Read on to learn the top points to keep in mind, and you’ll be on your way to making that child’s day in no time.


Real Functionality

When you’re talking about toys that are based on real life products like a wheelbarrow, you should always try to find one that offers the most realistic functionality. Focus on the configuration of the wheels and handles, as well as the size of the bed. There are some models that include metal beds and frames, which will allow you to actually fill them up a bit and offer a more realistic playing experience.

Match the Build to the Child’s Age

Of course, you will also need to match the functionality to the age of your child, since some kids may be too young for the more realistic children’s wheelbarrows. Thankfully, most toy manufacturers include a recommended age range for their products, so this will help you make sure you’re not buying something that is too advanced for your child to play with.

Fun Appearance

In my opinion, the best toys actually look like they would be fun to play with, and a big part of that is the colors used in the appearance. Some wheelbarrows might try to recreate the full adult versions, which could leave you with colors that are a bit too somber for some kids. There are also models that use classic, bright colors or include colorful plastics, both of which will help you child focus on the fun aspect of the toy.


Safe Design

It doesn’t matter how realistic the build is or what kind of bright colors the wheelbarrow has if it’s not made to be completely safe for children. There should be no sharp or pointed edges around the rim of the bed, and the handles should be smooth and made of wood or plastic, not bare metal. The wheels should also be sturdy and the frame should be metal.

A Note on Appropriate Size and Shape

Another important factor that some people tend to forget about is the size of the wheelbarrow and how it compares to the size of your child. Even if a model says it’s made for a five year old child, if your child is six and twice the size of the wheelbarrow it might not be the right sized toy for them.

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