Wheelbarrow Reviews and Garden Carts

When you think about tending to your garden or cleaning up your back yard, a wheelbarrow probably isn’t the first piece of equipment that comes to mind. But the fact is, having a strong and dependable wheelbarrow at your disposal can help you get all of your work done faster and with less effort.

If you’re like me, you never gave much thought to what actually makes a great wheelbarrow, and you probably wouldn’t even know where to start to figure it all out. Well, let me tell you that finding the answers to those questions was much, much harder than I had thought.

That’s why I decided to create this website and share all of the information I gathered, because I didn’t want anyone else to have to search through all the confusing websites and resources that I did in order to learn all of this. Here, you can find reviews of the best wheelbarrow for various uses, buying guides, and more, all to help you find the right wheelbarrow for you.


Best Multifunction Utility Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow, Dolly & Cart


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The best part about owning a wheelbarrow is that it allows you to save a lot of strain on your body as you move different items around your home or yard, but some models make it almost impossible to move certain objects. This amazing utility wheelbarrow from Worx makes it so that you can move practically anything you come across, without having to put in all that heavy lifting and effort.

Adjusting Center of Gravity

Whenever you place something inside the bed, the special design in this wheelbarrow automatically adjusts the center of gravity so that you don’t have to strain yourself to hold it or move it around. This is pretty fantastic, when you think about the fact that the weight can really start to add up on a lot of projects. Just imagine if you were putting a few bags of cement in the wheelbarrow to move them across your yard, and the bags started to shift around on you. This wheelbarrow is made to handle that kind of movement so that you don’t end up putting in a ton of unnecessary force to keep it level or stop it from tipping forward and spilling out.

Lifting and Towing Functionality

The real beauty of this wheelbarrow is that it lets you do so much more than just cart around dirt or bags of yard waste. First, you can tilt it all the way forward and extend a collapsible plate at the outer rim of the bed to transform it into a fully functioning dolly. The outer rim of the bed is flush all the way around, so you won’t have to worry about any bumps or ridges preventing you from moving something like a refrigerator or mattress. Since the bed is never fully covered, you can also make use of its depth to cart around those awkwardly shaped items. Finally, you can pull out two extension arms for additional uses, such as hooking them into the rim of a potted plant. Or, you could attach the mesh carrying net to move rocks, tree stumps, or more with ease.

Best Heavy Duty Cart Wheelbarrow

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Garden Poly Dump Cart


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A term like “heavy duty” is going to vary between people, but I think we can all agree that this incredible cart wheelbarrow is unquestionably a heavy duty lifting powerhouse. After all, what other cart allows you to move 1,200 pounds! This is hands down a serious wheelbarrow that is made for the heaviest of heavy duty projects.

Massive Carrying Capacity

Most standard wheelbarrows are going to feature a carrying capacity of around a few hundred pounds, which is definitely nothing to laugh at. When you start looking at dump cart wheelbarrows, you’re going to see a noticeable increase in the load rating on some models, since the design means that they can accommodate bigger items. But this cart takes it all to a whole other level, thanks to its strong steel frame and specially formulated polycarbonate body that gives it the ability to carry 1,200 pounds at a time. To put that into perspective, that’s over ½ ton, or the equivalent of 12 bags of commercial grade sand. Basically, when you’ve got a massive amount of material you need to move, this is the wheelbarrow cart to call into action.

Handle Connects to Tractors

Now, you might be asking yourself how exactly you’re supposed to move around 1,200 pounds all on your own, even if the cart is designed with an easy grip comfort handle. Well, the answer to that question just so happens to lie in the handle after all. You see, this handle can actually rotate its way around the inside of the shaft that connects to the frame, revealing a coupler that allows you to connect the cart right up to the back of tractor or ATV. That way you can let your vehicle do all the heavy lifting instead of trying to get it all moving yourself. And, thanks to the rugged 13-inch tires and pneumatic axle system, the wheels can withstand the bumps and potholes you’re likely to come across when moving around most outdoor areas. All in all, this is an impressive wheelbarrow cart for someone that is doing some serious yard renovation work.

Best Contractor Wheelbarrow for Concrete and Heavy Loads

Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow


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I’ve talked a lot about how useful wheelbarrows are for big garden jobs, mostly because that’s why I got into all of this in the first place, but I know that they’re also used very frequently in various types of construction work. If you’re a contractor looking for a sturdy and dependable wheelbarrow that’s going to hold its own out on the construction site, then this classic model might be the one for you.

Strong, Simple Design

This wheelbarrow uses a very classic design, meaning that it’s going to be very easy for most people to pick it up and start using right away. It has one wheel at the front end and a brace at the back to keep it upright when you’re not pushing it around. Since there aren’t any extra handles or unnecessary attachments, you can trust that you’re going to be working with a through and through traditional wheelbarrow that is made to carry some heavy loads, meaning that you can focus more on the work you’re doing. The bed is made out of a heavy gauge steel, which is definitely what you want to have if you’re going to be filling it with concrete, metals, or any of the other heavy materials you might find at a construction site. On top of that, the steel body is seamless, so there are no welding seams that could weaken over time or due to heavy use.

Braced Frame

That seamless, heavy duty steel bed wouldn’t be of much use to you if the frame on this wheelbarrow wasn’t also made to be strong and tough, and strong and tough is exactly what you get in this great contractor’s wheelbarrow. The frame is made of solid steel, whereas some models will try to sneak plastics in there that are almost guaranteed to break under the weight of a heavy load. I also really like that the frame uses an H-brace configuration, which helps to offer more support for the bed as well as more stability while you’re moving the cart. The cross brace on the frame helps keep both of the handles securely attached to the body, and also helps to reinforce the bottom of the bed to really give you more holding power. Speaking of the handles, they’re made of a strong wood, which not only offers the entire wheelbarrow more strength, but really helps give it a nice traditional look that I actually find pretty charming.

Top Rated Three-Wheel Wheelbarrow Review

Wheelzbarrow Three Tire


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As you can probably tell after looking at all the other wheelbarrow reviews here, it’s standard for most models to have a single wheel at the front or two wheels at the back. However, both of those wheel configurations come with their own set of limitations, which is why I was so impressed to discover this three-wheel wheelbarrow; it creates a great deal of balance that would improve functionality for a lot of people.

More Stability and Control

The biggest issue with single-wheel wheelbarrows is that they can be difficult to navigate on any kind of uneven ground, since you’ve only got that one wheel at the front that has to do all the hard work. It’s a similar issue with two wheel wheelbarrows, as you lose out on some of the freedom of movement since you always need to keep those back wheels on the ground at all times. Here, those issues are resolved by combining the two setups into one. You can push the cart with all three wheels on the ground, lift it up for fine pivoting through certain tight spots, or press down on the rear handles and lift the front wheel up so that you can get it over any holes or bumps in the path. With so much going into the handling, you can really use this wheelbarrow in virtually any kind of environment.

Great for Anyone with Strength Limitations

Operating a wheelbarrow can be pretty hard for some people, especially if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength. I’m a pretty fit guy, especially for my age, but I know a lot of people who would really struggle with lifting up a wheelbarrow on its own, not to mention one that has a good amount of weight inside of it. That’s why I really like the overall design of this wheelbarrow, which makes it possible for people of all ages and fitness levels to use it. Since the three wheels keep it firmly on the ground, you don’t have to worry about lifting it up or tilting it back to move it around. The handle design also makes pushing and pulling easy, since it’s a continuous metal bar that goes all around the back instead of separate handles that require you to grip them in a less-than-natural fashion.

Best Garden Cart for the Money

Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart


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Working out in the garden can involve a lot of dirty work that ends with a big pile of yard waste that you have to move to a new location, and sometimes a traditional wheelbarrow just isn’t the right fit for the job. That’s why I love this garden cart wheelbarrow from Gorilla Carts; it’s made to give you tons of moving power and it’s great when you need to move things like dirt or gravel between locations.

Four Sturdy Wheels

The first thing you’re going to notice about this cart is that it has four wheels instead of one or two like other models; this is what gives it such a unique kind of durability and functionality when you’re out working in the yard. The four wheels mean that it is always going to sit flat on the ground and you don’t have to worry about it accidentally tipping over when you’re filling it up. Those wheels, which include specially-made pneumatic turf tires, are created to withstand some rugged yard conditions such as uneven ground or areas with a lot of rocks and debris. That’s very helpful if you’re doing a major gardening or landscaping job since there’s going to be a lot of rough ground that you have to cover. The wheels also include a bit of give, which is what allows you to operate the cart with the single handle instead of a two-piece system like on other models.

Easy Dumping Design

When it comes time to unload the contents of your cart, you can do so with ease thanks to the easy dump design used on the poly bed. All you need to do is position the cart so that the end opposite of where the handle is faces the unload zone, and then you can grab a smaller handle that’s attached right to the base of the bed. By lifting up on that smaller handle, you can dump out the contents of the bed in a clean and fluid motion, while the frame and all the wheels stay firmly planted on the ground. This is a huge benefit over other types of wheelbarrows, which require you to lift the entire bed up by the rear handles and balance it on the front wheel or brace. The added stability will make operating the cart easy, allowing you to save yourself so much effort and hard work to unload.

Most Portable Wheelbarrow (Foldable)

Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart


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By now you can probably tell that most of the uses for wheelbarrows have to do with yardwork and landscaping projects, but sometimes you might need to do this yardwork at a different location where you might not be able to permanently store a wheelbarrow. This portable wheelbarrow is one of the neatest pieces of yard equipment I’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for anyone who can’t accommodate a traditional, full-sized wheelbarrow.

Collapsible, for Easy Storage and Transportation

This wheelbarrow is fully collapsible, folding up into a pretty thin profile that reminds me of a collapsed children’s stroller. Since you can get it to such a small size, you can move it to different locations without much effort or difficulty at all. When you fold it out you’ve got yourself a real working wheelbarrow that you can load up with wood, leaves, gravel, or pretty much anything you can think of. All of this is possible thanks to the specially crafted bed that is made out of vinyl-coated nylon and canvas instead of the metal or polyurethane that you would see in other types of wheelbarrows. That canvas build means that the entire wheelbarrow only weighs about 15 pounds, which is definitely light enough to toss in the bed of a truck or even the backseat of a car. And, in case you thought its light weight was going to get in the way of its usefulness, this wheelbarrow has a maximum load capacity of 150 pounds.

Great Choice for Light Yardwork

This wheelbarrow would make a great choice for anyone who has to do light yardwork or smaller jobs around an area, since the canvas bed would be great for carrying out piles of leaves and yard trimmings or other lawn debris. You can set the wheelbarrow down flush with the ground, making it incredibly easy to load it up because you can just sweep the contents right into the bed. Then, when you’re ready to go, you just pick up the handles and start rolling it wherever you need to go. I can definitely see someone using this to do some yard work at a cabin, where you would have limited storage space and wouldn’t need to have a full wheelbarrow there all the time.

Best Budget Mini Yard Cart

Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Rolling Lawn Cart


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As great as it can be to have a wheelbarrow around to help with yard work, I know that not everyone can afford a full-sized wheelbarrow, and that some people simply can’t justify spending the money on certain models because they aren’t going to use it very often. If either of these situations describes your circumstances, then you should really look into this quality yard cart wheelbarrow that won’t be a huge hit to your wallet.

Affordable and Functional

It can be pretty hard to find yard and garden equipment that allows you to get the job done at a price that’s friendly to any budget, especially when you’re dealing with larger and more specialty items like wheelbarrows. That’s why I was so pleased to discover this affordable yard cart wheelbarrow from Suncast, which makes a whole suite of home and garden products geared towards offering quality items at great prices. This yard cart wheelbarrow has two wheels positioned at the back of the large, spacious bin, so you can operate it in both a pushing and pulling motion, depending on your situation. I also really like that the metal handle, which rounds up at the top rather than being two separate pieces, is attached directly to the back of the bin for extra stability. Finally, this cart wheelbarrow also has a metal axle connecting the wheels, which is very impressive considering that many other budget models would try to attach the wheels right to the bin, possibly leading to some serious damage down the line.

Great for Occasional Use Projects

If you know that you’re going to need to move large and heavy items around your home or yard only every so often, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of caring for and storing a full-sized wheelbarrow, this cart wheelbarrow could be just the product you’re looking for. The bin is taller than it is wide, which is great because it not only makes it easier for you to store in your garage or mud room, but it also gives you more flexibility for those random projects you might encounter on occasion. Whether it’s moving a plant, getting bags of potting soil out of your car and into the garden, or even clearing out some old cloths and knickknacks from the garage and carrying them out to the curb, this cart would make all those tasks so much simpler and easier. And, you wouldn’t have to stress about spending a ton of money on the product then only using a few times a year.

Best Lightweight Wheelbarrow Review

Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty


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There are just no two ways about it – wheelbarrows can get pretty heavy, even before you start to put anything inside of them. In most cases that’s because they are made to be very sturdy and carry around some seriously heavy items. But if you want a wheelbarrow that’s both strong and lightweight, so you can use it more easily around the house and your yard, then you’re definitely going to want to check out this unbelievable trailer wheelbarrow.

Great for Home Use

I’ve talked a lot about how helpful and useful many of these wheelbarrows can be for yard work, or anything that involves moving the messier items you might find when working outside. And to be sure, this wheelbarrow would definitely be great for moving landscaping supplies, potted plants, bags of cement, or driveway gravel, since it has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds. However, thanks to the unique shape and build of the bed, this wheelbarrow would also be great for use around the home as well. Let’s say that you have a long driveway that makes it hard to carry groceries from your car into the kitchen by hand. Well, you could load them up in this cart and easily transport them inside without a ton of effort or having to make multiple trips back and forth. There are a lot of ways you could use this wheelbarrow, and that kind of versatility is pretty hard to find in a lot of equipment like this.

Wide and Sturdy Bed

The best part about this wheelbarrow is the wide bed, which is pretty fantastic considering that the entire product only weighs around 35 pounds. The majority of wheelbarrows out there have longer beds that are more of an oval shape, or a rectangular shape with one rounded end at the front. This model take a very different approach, creating a bed with a square shape on top that slopes in at the front and the back. This way, you still get a very large amount of space inside for holding items, which comes out to 7 cubic feet in total, but you aren’t stuck with a shapeless tub that is going to cause you to fill it up too much and get stuck with something that is just too heavy to move around. The wheels attached to the bin are also bigger than what you’d get on a standard model, with wide-track tread that allows for more gripping and control over various types of terrain.

Best Wheelbarrow for Children

Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow


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There’s a lot to be said about teaching your children how to properly use and care for tools and equipment at a young age, especially when you can safely allow them to actually get out there and experience what it’s like. That’s exactly what you can do with this classic children’s wheelbarrow from the childhood fun experts at Radio Flyer, as this is not just a toy but an actual working wheelbarrow.

Timeless Look and Design

You just can’t deny how great this wheelbarrow looks, with the classic shiny red metal exterior that calls to mind the unforgettable signature look of the Radio Flyer wagons. If you grew up with a Radio Flyer around, then you might absolutely love being able to share the joy of one with your own children or grandchildren. That look just feels so natural carried over onto this wheelbarrow, and the colors are still bright and fun – a great way to keep children engaged and help them understand that this is something that they can have fun with. The handles are made of real wood, which not only keeps up that authentic and classic look, but offers a good amount of the extra support and sturdiness that is very important, since this is a real functioning wheelbarrow, after all.

Real Functioning Wheelbarrow

You could certainly allow your kids to push around this wheelbarrow in the house or your backyard empty, or you could have them put a few of their toys or any other little items inside of it. However, Radio Flyer took some extra steps to make sure that this product not only looks like a wheelbarrow but works like one too. It has a steel tray instead of a plastic one, so you can do quite a bit more with it, depending on your needs and plans. When I saw this wheelbarrow I immediately imagined taking my grandson out to the yard with me and having him help me move some mulch to the flowerbeds by pushing his very own wheelbarrow. This becomes much more feasible because the tray is also designed with extra safety in mind, so there are smooth, rounded edges that won’t scratch the kids as they fill the wheelbarrow up or push it around.

Reviews Conclusions

Well, I really hope that you were able to find all of this information helpful. There’s a lot to know about wheelbarrows and all the different variations and styles of carts out there, but I think that these reviews should give you a pretty good idea of what options are available and what you can expect in all the various products. Just remember that every wheelbarrow is made for a different purpose; finding the one that matches your needs is the best way to guarantee a successful purchase.

If you’ve still got questions, make sure you visit the other pages on the site and read through the guides and articles I’ve put together. They cover more specific situations and get a bit more in-depth into some of the key features of the best wheelbarrows.

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